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Impressive Dollar Tree Outdoor Party Decor for Cheap | Dollar Tree DIY

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Let's Chill!!! Today I'm crafting up some fun and vibrant outdoor party decor. I'm customizing basic napkins, a cooler bin, and a clear acrylic tray from the dollar store for these DIYs. I decided to tie everything together with the "Let's Chill" theme. I think everything turned out super cute. This is the perfect little set up for an intimate get away in your own outdoor space. You can also add extra pieces to create and host a large gathering. Find out how I made everything starting with the text cooler bin!


Text Cooler Bin


  • Large Plastic Cooler Bin

  • Large Sticker Letters

Step 1: Grab a large plastic cooler bin and some large sticker letters from the dollar store.

Step 2: Gently place the middle of the large sticker letters on front of the bin.

Step 3: Press the large sticker letters on securely in place once they are positioned where you want them.

Tip: You may want to brush some Mod Podge on top of the letters for additional protection and to seal the letters from moisture.


Customized Text Napkins


  • Plain Napkins

  • Permanent Vinyl Adhesive

  • Cricut

  • Vinyl Transfer Paper

Step 1: Access Design Space for Cricut. Create a large font text to display on the front the napkins.

Step 2: Print then cut the text image on the Cricut.

Step 3: Cut some transfer tape and place the tape on top of the text.

Step 4: Place the transferred tape text on the face of the napkin.

Step 5: Slowly peel and carefully remove the transfer tape.


Acrylic Tray Decor


  • Large Sticker Letters

  • Mod Podge

  • Resin

  • Glitter

  • Colored Cardstock

  • Dried Flowers

  • Gold Foil Leaf

Step 1: Gather the above materials to upgrade a basic acrylic tray.

Step 2: Grab a sheet of card stock paper and measure to cut the paper to fit the bottom of the tray.

Step 3: Use Mod Podge to adhere the card stock to the bottom of the tray.

Step 4: Add large sticker letters on the top of the card stock.

Step 5: Seal the color of the paper and letters by brushing on some Mod Podge.

Step 6: Allow the Mod Podge to dry and add some gold foil leaf.

Step 5: Press some dried flowers and arrange and adhere to the tray.

Step 6: Mix 1:1 resin based on packaging instructions.

Step 7: Pour the mixed resin inside the tray to cover all of the textured decor.

Don't you love this party decor!? Outdoor or indoor you choose! I am such a fan of this playful and bright decor. What do you think?

Comment and come say hi. Tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram if you decide to create your own! Subscribe to the blog for everything DIY and NEW updates!

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