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Throughout the years I have been posed with the question "What do you enjoy doing?" "What job do you want to have?"  I have been asked these questions over and over again after years of an attempt at a successful financial services career.  I thought I knew the answer to these questions several times over, but I realized that the answer to these questions was revealed at an early age.

I realized that I had a passion for design and creating that stems back to when I was in Elementary school.  In 2009, I attempted to pursue my dream for creation and ended up taking a break after a while to regather my thoughts and change my strategy.  Well..., now its 2017 and I'm BACK!! is live and in full effect!  I'm striving to live my dream and sharing it with the world!!:)  I have no formal design or art degree; just pure passion for DIY's and crafts.  So, please come along with me on my journey and we can create together.  Subscribe to my Youtube channel 

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Crafting with Cass
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