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2020 DIY Home Decorating Project Ideas on a Budget

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Time is on the move and so am I with these three DIY home decor projects that are extremely budget friendly. I made three home decor pieces that incorporate nicely in my living room, but can be intermingled in any space. I used a mixture of Dollar Tree materials and a lot of other materials that I already had to create these stylish DIY home decor show stoppers. Keep reading to see how I created these projects to affordably switch up some key decor pieces for the start to a fresh year.


Project 1

Ornament Centerpiece Materials

  • Scrap wood

  • Clear ornaments (I had some left over from the holidays)

  • Black paint

  • Glue

  • Greenery/ flowers, or candles

Start by painting a scrap piece of wood using some black paint to coat every side of the wood. I used some leftover wood from a wood bench and black paint that I used from my craft closet door makeover to save on some materials. Two coats of paint should do the trick to create an evenly coated and vibrant base for the centerpiece.

I used some clear ornaments from the holidays to alternate large and small ornaments tightly next to each other.

I adhered four small ornaments and three large ornaments to the wood base that I painted. I made sure that the large ornaments were straight up to allow the opportunity to add any type of filler. I decided to adhere the smaller ornaments with the opening side down to add some variation.

Ornament Centerpiece


Project 2

Acrylic Poured Canvas Materials

  • Blank canvas

  • Acrylic paint

  • Water

I have seen this project done a few times and I was excited to give it a try myself. I wanted to make sure I didn't make a mess and get paint all over the place so, I took this project outside.

I added some water separately to three colors of acrylic paint and randomly poured the paint onto the canvas in sections.

I poured paint on top of other globs of paint and in other blank spaces on the canvas freely.

I did a lot of tilting and had to add some drops of water to the painting because I didn't mix enough water individually with the paint. I made sure to tilt and move the canvas around enough to coat the corners and edges of the canvas as well. I gave this canvas plenty of time to dry due to all the paint involved.

Acrylic Poured Canvas


Project 3

Designer Table Decor Puzzle Materials

  • Dollar Tree dice

  • Black paint

  • Designer perfume magazine print ad

  • Mod Podge & other strong adhesive

  • Dollar Tree frame

  • Clear marbles

  • Scissors

I thought this project was a great option to recycle some old magazines and use ads from the magazine to create some "designer look" home decor.

I used some recycled tissue paper as a table cover and painted nine dice from the Dollar Tree. I used the same black paint that I used for the base of the centerpiece table decor.

I used a Dior perfume print ad to use as the picture for the table decor puzzle after the dice were painted and dried. I visually held and measured for the best cuts to cover the top of the dice.

I cut the fold and the Dior text off of the ad. Then I began to cut the ad into nine parts to cover the dice, while still managing to keep the image intact. I used Mod Podge like wallpaper to cover the tops of the dice.

I detached one the Dollar Tree frames, so that I was only left with the frame and the glass. I used a strong adhesive to adhere the frame to the glass to give a clear and modern look.

I added some clear marbles for some height that I previously used to create a Dollar Tree jewelry box. I pieced the puzzle together on top of the frame base after all the elements were dry.

Designer Table Decor Puzzle

It's not over yet!

Check out the video for these projects:

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1 Comment

Mar 05, 2020

The table decor puzzleis the dopest! I wonder if it would work for a large printed photo?

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