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How I Stained A New Outdoor Deck Built Using Installation Services from Lowe's

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

I love crafting and creating, but I also have my share of home improvement projects that always need to be tackled. It seems like a soon as I knock one thing off my list here comes something else that needs my attention. I try to DIY my home improvement projects as much as I can to save money. I find a professional for the bigger jobs.

I never realized how much maintenance was involved with having a deck. The elements and time completely deteriorated my deck. The deck was rotted out and not safe to walk on. I had a fear of falling thru the floor boards every time I attempted to go on the deck. I didn't realize that a deck needs to be properly maintenanced throughout the year by regularly sanding, staining, sealing and replacing broken boards on sight. My 12x12 deck needed to be totally rebuilt with new footings from the ground up.

I spent months trying to make the right decision on what company to choose for the task. I was hoping that I wouldn't get scammed out the money that I saved for so long to invest in this project. I interviewed several local contractors. I had a hard time finding a contractor in my particular area. I was surprised on how high some of the bids were. I feel like I'm really good at estimating prices. I just was not convinced that it would cost as much as I was being quoted from contractors. The lowest bid I received, the contractor mentioned that I would need to put down a deposit to book the job. He was very knowledgable based on previous conversations, but he mentioned he did all the work himself. I began to question in my head how he was able to spend so much time with me on the phone providing me with information when he was the only worker. After much review digging, I noticed that he never actually finished most of the jobs that he started. Long story short, I'm grateful I didn't choose him to do the deck rebuild.

I lucked up on my research and found out that Lowe's offered deck repair installation service. They happen to be offering a discount on this service at the time. The quote was just a little higher than one of the lowest quotes that I received. I was willing to bet on Lowe's more than some of the contractors I interviewed. I'm glad I did! I could have really been in a bad situation if I chose one of those contractors.

My Lowe's installation project turned out great! It took less than week from start to finish for my project to be completed. Additional time was added due to rain and slowed down progress a little. I'm so happy I made the decision to choose Lowe's for this project. Peace of mind is worth it! I was able to get a quality deck done correctly. Permits were appropriately pulled and quality craftsmanship was delivered. Take a look at the pictures below to see the progress of the before, during, after, staining, and sealing process!



During Construction

There's no construction without unforeseen surprises. It was brought to my attention that support board behind the wall was completely rotted and needed to be replaced. This area was removed and replaced to support the new structure.




How I Stained and Sealed My Deck

Materials I Used: Tip: Make sure to get "lint free" or "no shed" brushes

  • Scrub Brush ( A similar brush to the one I used)

  • Short Roller Brush Tip: I used a professional paint kit that included a roller and other paint necessities

  • Long Roller Brush

  • Paint Tray (Included in the paint kit)

  • 2 Gallons of All In One Stain & Sealer

  • Paint Brushes

  • Deck Cleaner

  • A Garden Hose

  • A Ladder (For staining and sealing underneath)

I waited about 2 months after the deck was installed to stain and seal. I read that you needed to ensure that the pressure treated wood had completely dried. This is the best way for the stain and sealer to be absorbed into the wood. This creates the barrier of protection that you need.

Step 1: I cleaned the deck using a garden hose and a bottle of deck cleaner.

Step 2: I used a bristle brush to scrub off the dirt and grime off of the entire deck. I rinsed the cleaner off with the garden hose.

Step 3: I waited approximately 3-4 days to allow the deck boards to dry from the cleaning.

Step 4: I selected two gallons of paint stain and sealer.

There are so many brands and types of stains and sealers on the market. I was basically overwhelmed with trying to make the decision. I ultimately went with Valspar Transparent One Coat Exterior Stain & Sealer. I chose this because it was recommended by the in-store associate at Lowe's.

I decided to go with a "transparent" stain because I wanted the natural finish of the wood to still be visible. I initially chose the color natural cedar tone. When I opened the can, it had too much of a red tone to me. I swapped out the color for Valspar Transparent Honey Gold. I was a little apprehensive about this color as well. I started to feel better as the color began to dry.

Step 5: Brush on the stain and sealer onto the rails of the deck.

I started painting around the perimeter of the deck including all the rails. This took a lot longer than I anticipated. I painted all of the sides of the rail and including any supporting boards.

Step 6: Use the long roller blush to paint the floor boards.

I started painting with the grain, furthest away from the door. I read that this was the best way to paint the floor boards without having to double back. I used a paint brush to get in between the cracks of the floor boards. Then, I used a long roller brush afterwards.

This deck stain and sealing job took basically an entire day to do the top and an entire day for underneath. The initial color looked to yellow for me in the beginning. The color has definitely muted more than what it looked like applied. I am ultimately happy with the results. I know I am definitely going to have to baby and take care of the deck to make sure it lasts. What are your thoughts on the color? Take a look at the after results of the built, stained and sealed deck below!

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