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Cute Matching DIY Dollar Store Outdoor Patio Decor

What the flamingo??!! Lol. You know that Spring is officially here when flamingo print is involved! Every year the dollar store typically has their collection of plastic flamingos in their inventory. I'm so happy that I was able craft some really cute outdoor patio decor for just a few dollars.

In these projects, I repurposed two dollar store flamingo drawstring bags into fun outdoor pillows. I also created a cool and unique statement piece for an outdoor table that can really add some interest and bright color!

Here's what I used for the flamingo outdoor decor centerpiece:


(I purchased all my materials for this project at the dollar store except for a mini glue gun and some E6000 glue that I already had.)

  • 2 Plastic Flamingos

  • 2 Wooden Plaques

  • 2 Wood Shadow Boxes

  • Faux Grass

  • Faux Green Moss (not pictured)

  • Floral Foam

Step 1. Spray paint both wood shadow boxes black.

Step 2. Adhere the two boxes side by side.

Step 3. Detach plaque insert from the inside of the plaque sign.

Step 4. Glue both plaque bases together with the text facing outwards. Adhere the glue plaques to the attached wooden boxes.

Step 5. Cut slit in the top of the plastic flamingo and insert the floral foam.

Step 6. Insert the faux grass in the foam and cover the opening with faux green moss.

Step 7. Complete the same process for both flamingos.

Step 8. Adhere both flamingos together.

Step 9. Secure and adhere the connected flamingos to the base.


Here's what I used for the flamingo print outdoor pillows:

Materials (I already had the pom poms from a previous project)

Step 1. Detach the drawstrings from the bags.

Step 2. Add the poly-fil to stuff the inside of the bag.

Step 3. Add pom poms as a decorative finish around the perimeter of the pillow.

I'm a fan of all of this outdoor decor! Bring on the barbecues! For a few dollars I was able to achieve some unique looking outdoor decor that looks a lot more expensive!

Watch the video for these projects for more details....



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