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Happy 6th Birthday Crafting with Cass | 6 Year Blog Anniversary

Bring out the cake and the candles. Crafting with Cass turns 6 this May! Wowww time flies. It's also my actual birthday month when I decided that I was going to create publicly for anyone to see. I'm proud that I have continued my process of sharing what I've been doing since I was a child. I have overcome and endured so much during my journey.

I'm happy to create and showcase a positive outlet. I also try to create and find the most affordable ways to have high end and nice things. Anyone can make and create the things that I'm DIY'ing. I have over 130 DIY videos with multiple style filled projects. I'm excited to acknowledge this milestone and keep the crafts coming!

I hope you continue to watch, like, comment and subscribe for more to come. I will continue to try my best to provide a fun and relaxed environment, (with dope crafts of course). I'm doing everything with love! Get ready for even more to come! Thanks for riding with your girl!

Xoxo, Cass


Watch the beginnings!

Here is a flashback to my very first DIY projects on Youtube.

I'm surprised I'm even digging these up lol. But, you gotta start somewhere....

Here is my very first Live DIY project.

Check out some of the other recent DIY projects here on the blog!



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