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DIY Dollar Store Beach Accessories

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Summer time is fun time at the beach with these stylish dollar store DIY's. Save your money for accessories by making your own! A rope basket tote and an embellished straw hat are everything you need for a perfect stylish day at the beach. Scroll down to create some fashionable beach accessories for yourself for a day at the beach.

1. Woven Beach Tote

Materials: (All of these materials are from the dollar store except for the glue gun)

  • Nautical Rope

  • Oval Shaped Storage Bin

  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

  • Twine

  • Spray Paint or Acrylic Paint (Not Pictured)

Start gluing rope at the bottom of the storage basket and completely wrap the rope around the basket until you reach the beginning of the handles. Follow the same process for wrapping the handles with the twine.

Tape and section-off areas for stripes of color on the tote. I used tape and a recyclable bag to secure the areas that I wanted to protect from color.


2. Floral Beach Straw Hat

Materials: (All of these materials are from the dollar store except for the glue gun)

  • Faux Floral Flowers

  • Black Puff Paint

  • Straw Hat

  • Hot Glue Gun w/ Glue Sticks

Use black puff paint to write "hello sunshine" on the brim of the hat. Tip: Make sure to shake paint fully to the top of the bottle to write text easier.

Add a mix a faux flowers to the brim after the text dries.

Then you have a stylish set of beach accessories for a lot less than you would pay for at a retail store! Comment and let me know what colors you would add for your beach accessories!

Check out the video for more details how to create this beach decor and Subscribe to my Youtube for even more projects like this!



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