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DIY Distressed Graphic Tee with Patches

Updated: May 14, 2021

DIY'ing t-shirts is on the list of one of my first favorite historic craft hobbies! I was so excited to find some super cute "camp" inspired patches at the craft store that I've been holding on to. I've been trying to think of the perfect project to use them and I think I found the right one.

I'm distressing and adding iron on patches to a basic plain tee to upgrade the style and look. You would be surprised how easy and fast this fashion upgrade can be achieved.

Here's what you'll need.....


  • Fabric Scissors

  • Iron-on Letters

  • Iron-on Patches (similar camp inspired patches)

  • Basic T-shirt

  • Iron (not pictured)

  • Razor/Utility knife (not pictured)

  • Torch lighter (not pictured)

Step 1. Use an iron to adhere iron-on letters and camp inspired patches to the back and front of the t-shirt.

Step 2. Use scissors to cut out a portion of the neckline of the t-shirt.

Step 3. Use a utility knife or a razor to distress and poke holes randomly throughout the shirt.

Step 4. Carefully use a lighter torch to seal the ends of the cutout slit to prevent further unravelling.

I love the clever text and how cute this graphic tee turned out! The patches match perfectly to the theme of this tee and this tee is perfect for the summer season! Hopefully this distressed graphic tee has inspired you to create your own version!

Check out the video for this project for even more details...



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