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DIY Cocktail Infusion Drink Kits | Holiday DIY Gift Ideas

One of my friends put me on to cocktail infusion kits. We were headed out for some girl time and she was pulling out some of her recent purchases from her trunk. She showed a cocktail infusion kit that she bought, and I was surprised that I had never heard of them before. I thought it was a cool idea after she explained the concept. So, basically a cocktail infusion kit is a packaged jar of colored sugar, blended with a layer of dried fruit. The concept is that you pour any type of rum or alcohol into the blended jar and let it infuse for days or weeks. The result is a fruit infused liquor. These can also be made as mock-tails as well. I decided that this would be a great holiday gift idea for me to DIY. I feel like this DIY is a unique alternative to some of the DIY hot cocoa kit ideas. Find out below how I made these fun cocktail infusion kits for holiday gift sets.

DIY Cocktail Infusion Drink Kits


  • Empty Jars with Lids

  • Flavored Powdered Drink Mix

  • Freeze Dried Fruit

  • Permanent Vinyl

  • Sticker Paper (Optional)

  • Gift Tags

  • Twine

*I created my labels using a Cricut, but you can also use sticker letters as well.


  1. Start by choosing a font in Cricut Design Space to create the labels for the jars. (I used the words "Cheers, Pour Up, Get Lit, and Happy Holidays" to prepare to cut with my Cricut).

  2. I cut the words on holographic vinyl. (Later, I realized that I didn't have "permanent" holographic vinyl. The vinyl didn't adhere to the jars and I had to use sticker paper as a solution.

  3. Wash the inside and outside of the jars.

  4. Weed out the vinyl letters and stick to the face of jar. (Stick the labels onto the jar using sticker paper or directly using the permanent vinyl.

  5. Adhere the "Happy Holidays" vinyl to the gift tags.

  6. Fill each of the jars with powdered drink mix and dried fruit.

  7. Then, seal the jars and attach the gift tags to the jars using twine.

Now, you have some fun and cute gift-able holiday cocktail infusion kits. This is a great gift idea to bring as a guest to someone that is hosting a holiday party. I hope you liked this DIY. Come say hi and tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram if you decide to create your own!

Watch the video for more!



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