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The Best DIY Bedding Decor on a Budget | DIY Modern Personalized Fitted Bed Sheet

Updated: Jan 7

Today I'm DIYing bedding! I'm personalizing my daughter's fitted sheet for some cute custom room decor. I initially seen these sold on Etsy while I was shopping for baby stuff before she was born. I realized I could easily make it myself. I'm a big fan of anything custom or personalized. It really makes you or the person feel like there was a lot of effort made with the item. This would make a perfect gift as well. You can also make this with a colored or printed sheet and really get creative. Take a look below at a few easy steps to create a clean and modern personalized fitted sheet with text!



  • Cricut

  • Iron On Vinyl

  • Fitted Sheet

  • Tape (Optional)

  • Iron or Heat Press

DIY Modern Personalized Fitted Bed Sheet


Step 1: Measure the space on the fitted sheet that you will place the iron on text.

Step 2: Open Design Space for Cricut and select a font and size that you would like to use for the text.

Step 3: Type the text using your selected font.

Step 4: Press "make it" to cut the text using the Cricut. I selected "Iron-on" material with the "mirror on".

Step 5: Allow the Cricut machine to cut the vinyl. Weed out the excess vinyl.

Step 6: Iron on the vinyl to the front of the sheet. Optionally, use tape as a guide on the sheet to know where to position the text. Tip: Make sure to remove the tape before you start to iron or heat press the text to avoid the tape melting into the sheet.

Step 7: Remove the plastic material after the font has successfully fused onto the sheet based on the vinyl package instructions.

What do think about this personalized room decor? Comment and come say hi. Tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram if you decide to create your own! Subscribe to the blog for everything DIY and NEW updates!

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