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DIY Toddler Graphic Concert Birthday T-shirt | Birthday Graphic Tee

I am a big fan of graphic concert t-shirts. Graphic concert or band t-shirts are usually print filled shirts with celebrity photos on the front of the shirt. Historically you would get these graphic tee's from a concert. Now you can get these graphic tees at most popular retail clothing stores. I have a lot of these styles of t-shirts filled in my closet. I thought it would be super cute to recreate this type of shirt for my daughter's second birthday. I compiled a selection of some of her baby pictures and arranged them in Canva design tool. See the steps that I followed to create this trendsetting look!



Step 1: Upload the photos that you want to use for the shirt into Canva design tool.

Step 2: Measure the space on the front of the shirt where you would like to have the image. Use those dimensions to start your design.

Step 3: Arrange the photos, add text and other design elements to the image.

Step 4: Use your Cricut and pull up Design Space.

Step 5: Print then cut the image and follow the process for sending the image to ink jet printer.

Step 6: Grab the image from the printer and load it into the Cricut to cut. Optionally: You can avoid using the Cricut and cut the border of the image with scissors or another cutting tool.

Step 7: Place a t-shirt front side up and iron on the image based on transfer paper instructions.

That's it! This should result in a super stylish birthday t-shirt for your little one to sport for their birthday. I'm probably going to make my own version for myself to wear during my birthday. I love how this looks! This personalized concert graphic tee would be cute to pair with a tutu, leggings or jeans. What do you think? Watch the short before and after of this DIY on Facebook!

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