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Easy DIY Tie Dye 90's Band Shirt Using Bleach

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I always love rocking a cute nostalgic band/ artist t-shirt, so I decided to DIY my own. First I created a tie-dye effect with the shirt using bleach. Then I added an image of one of my favorite music groups to the shirt. You can make this DIY with a long sleeve or short sleeve shirt. This is such an easy fashionable DIY that never seems to go out of style. Keep scrolling to find out exactly how I made it!

Simple DIY Tie Dye 90's Band Shirt Using Bleach



  1. Grab a plain solid colored shirt and roll it, twist it, and rubber band it into sections. (I used a black long sleeve shirt).

  2. Place the rubber banded shirt in the sink with a stopper. I placed my shirt in the sink with an old plastic bowl that I no longer use for food.

  3. Pour bleach on the shirt. Tip: I got a little carried away with my bleach pouring because I didn't see the color changing fast enough. A little bleach goes a long way. I suggest using only a small amount of bleach if you want less orange highlights on your shirt.

  4. Rinse the shirt and remove the rubber bands. (Optionally, You can also wash the shirt by itself if you want to get rid of the bleach smell).

  5. Print your favorite artist or band image using dark transfer paper on an ink jet printer or any printer. (I simply used google on the internet to find my favorite image).

  6. Then, iron on your transfer image design once your shirt has completely dried.

There you have it! It's as easy as that! Style your newly created shirt with your favorite pair of jeans, leggings, and a stylish jacket. Come say hi and tag me @CraftingwithCass on Instagram if you decide to DIY your own band shirt!

Check out the video for more!

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