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Easy DIY Dollar Store Cactus Home Decor

Have you seen all of the faux plants at the dollar store? They usually have a pretty good selection to choose from. I love how I easily created a table centerpiece using some of the materials from the dollar store! Keep reading to see what I used to create this chic home decor....

Materials: (I purchased all of these materials from the dollar store except what I already had in my crafting stash)

  • River Rocks

  • Mini Faux Cactus Planters

  • Pentagon-Shaped Wood Boxes

  • Black Paint

  • White Paint (not pictured)

  • Scrap Styrofoam Tip: Save/up-cycle raw materials from packages to add to craft supplies


  1. Paint wooden pentagon-shaped boxes white.

  2. Measure and use scrap pieces of styrofoam as inserts to add height inside of the wooden boxes.

  3. Paint the styrofoam black so the bottom will not show any imperfections.

  4. Paint the interior and exterior of the faux cactus terra-cotta planters black for a sleek look.

  5. Evenly space, line up and adhere the faux cactus planters to the styrofoam in the inside of white painted boxes.

  6. Add and adhere river rocks to surround the faux cactus planters and completely cover the black painted styrofoam.

Then you have a sleek modern style faux cactus table centerpiece that's a perfect cute piece of affordable home decor!

Watch the video for this project for even more details!



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