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Easy DIY Chip Bags with No Cutting Machine | DIY Party

Today I'm introducing the first DIY in a DIY party series that features cute and fun handmade party decor. I'm starting the decor with these custom and trendy DIY potato chip bags. My daughter was getting ready to have her first birthday and I was so excited to decorate. I wanted to throw her an intimate outdoor "wild one" themed birthday party. I created these chip bags as the main inspiration for the color theme and vibe of the decor. I'm very happy with the results. Check out to see how these chip bags are made!

Easy DIY Chip Bags with No Cutting Machine

What I Used:


Step 1. Use a website or design software to create your design packaging for the chip bags.

Step 2. Create a custom size dimension width of 11 in and height of 8.5 in.

Step 3. Use pictures, fonts, and other design elements to create a custom graphic print for the chip bags.

Step 4. Print the bags on glossy photo paper using a printer. Tip: I recommend using glossy photo paper from the brand that's the same as your printer.

Step 5. Cut and trim some of the excess paper using scissors or a paper cutter.

Step 6. Adhere the left and right edge of the bags together at the seams.

Step 7. Adhere the bottom seam of the bag so, that it's sealed.

Step 8. Insert a closed package of 1 oz chips into the sleeve of the printed pre-formed bag.

Step 9. Seal the top of the edge of the packaging.

Step 10. Use a paper crimper to crimp the top and bottom of the chip bags.

Then, you'll have some really cute custom DIY party decor chip bags. Try it out! Come say hi and tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram if you decide to create your own! Subscribe to the blog for everything DIY and NEW updates!

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Watch the video for more details!

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