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DIY West Elm & CB2 Dupes | High End Decor on a Budget

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I found some really cute home decor pieces online from West Elm and CB2 that I thought I could easily DIY myself for a lot less. I purchased a lot of the materials for the project from the dollar store and some of the materials I was able to up-cycle from other products that I already had. I was able to recreate the modern end table from West Elm using the inner cardboard tubes from gift wrapping paper and other materials I found for cheap at the home improvement store. I recreated the CB2 candle holder using only materials from the dollar store. Keep scrolling to find out how I created these looks.

CB2 Candle Holder Dupe

Materials: (I purchased all of the materials for this project from the dollar store)

  • 2 Plunger tops

  • 4 Marble Styled Bowls

  • 2 Small Plastic Storage Tins

  • 1 Long Flameless Pillar Candle

  • 1 Chunky Flameless Pillar Candle (Not Pictured)

  • Gold and White Spray Paint (I already had this in my craft stash)


  1. Completely spray-paint the plunger tops white.

  2. Spray paint the top half of the plastic storage tin gold. (You may need to use some sand paper to rough up the texture for the spray-paint to adhere better)

  3. Flip one of the marble bowls face down and adhere the gold spray painted plastic storage tin top to the bowl.

  4. Then layer and adhere the second marble bowl facing upwards to the top of the gold top.

  5. Cut a hole in the middle of the plunger top. Only one plunger top needs to have a hole. (I found it easier to use a utility knife to create the hole).

  6. Place and adhere the plunger top inside of the top marble bowl.

  7. Then, add flameless pillar candles inside the top.


West Elm End Table Dupe


  • Wood Circle Table Top

  • 19 Cardboard/ Paper Tubes (I saved the cardboard tubes from gift wrap paper)

  • White Paint & Primer In One Paint (Not Pictured)

  • Utility Knife (Not Pictured)

  • Tape Measure (Not Pictured)

  • Pencil (Not Pictured)

  • One 8" Form Tube (Not Pictured)

  • E6000 and Hot Glue Gun (Not Pictured)


  1. Measure and cut the tube form and cardboard tubes to about 17 or 18 inches long.(The length depends on your desired end table height)

  2. Paint the wood circle top and all the cardboard/ paper tubes with at least three coats of white paint with primer.

  3. Adhere the cardboard/ paper tubes to the tube form. Completely adhere the cardboard tube forms around the tube form base.

  4. Add the painted circle wood top to complete the end table.

And that's it! I hope you love these high end dupes and decide to try it too!


Check out the video for this project for more!



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