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DIY Wal-Mart Modern Glam Floor Mirror---- "Time to be Floored"

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

This DIY MODERN LEANING FLOOR MIRROR shows the transformation of an affordable Walmart mirror ($5 USD) into a high-end mirror that would typically be expensive at many top home decor stores. This mirror was inexpensive and simply created using some cut pine wood, glue, and upcycled white floor tiles to create a modern glam mirror. I love that I was able to achieve a contemporary full length mirror using a combination of black and white tones for a fraction of the price.


  • Tile grout (I used white and black)

  • E6000 Glue

  • Hammer

  • Paint brush

  • Four wood trim panels (Measured to fit the perimeter of the mirror and cut at local home improvement store)

  • Three cut wood pieces (Measured to fit the perimeter of the mirror and cut at local home improvement store)

  • Upcycled white tiles

  • White primed-gloss paint

Step 1

I started this project by crushing approximately seven upcycled tiles that I had left over from a previous kitchen remodel. Outside I used an old hand towel to individually wrap each tile and used a hammer to crush the tile into medium sized pieces while hammering on the non-gloss side.

Step 2

As an optional step…. I used some black grout to cover the perimeter edges of a third of the crushed tiles to add some dimension and contrast to the all-white mirror.

Step 3

I aligned and spaced three previously measured and cut wood pieces that I retrieved from the wood trim section at my local home improvement store. I positioned the wood so that I had one piece located in the middle for the Walmart mirror to lay on top of. I also positioned wood on each end of the mirror as well.

Step 4

I used some heavy duty glue to place on the wood and layered the mirror on top of all three wood framed pieces.

Step 5

I left the perimeter of the wood pieces exposed so that I was able to also lay and fit four primed wood trim pieces around the border of the mirror.

Step 6

Add some heavy duty glue around the perimeter of the edges to be connected around the frame of the mirror.

Step 7

I used some books and some other heavier objects to anchor the mirror in the places where the heavy duty glue was applied. This was to ensure that everything was bonding securely.

Step 8

In this case, the measurements for the primed trim came up a little short and as a solution I used some white grout that I already had on hand to fill in the gaps to assist with a seamless look. After the grout dried I added one coat of white paint to the perimeter of the mirror for a cohesive look.

Check out the video for this project for more details:



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