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3D Puff Vinyl Tote Bag | How to use Puff Vinyl

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

I'm excited to finally get my hands on some puff vinyl to craft with. I'm a big fan of everything with texture and this material is my type of style all day. I thought it would be super cute to create a puff-ed text beach tote with a catchy saying and bright colors. I wanted to add a little extra flavor to this tote bag. I added some fun and colorful textured decoration to the handles. Watch below to see how I used puff vinyl to decorate this basic tote!

Grab These Materials:

Step 1: Start adhering and wrap paracord around the handles of the bag.

Step 2: Continue spacing and wrapping the cord around the handles until both the handles are covered.

Step 3: Measure the front of the bag to see how large the font should be.

Step 4: Pull up Cricut Design Space and type the text you want to use for the puff vinyl. (I tried to use a thick font for the texture to be noticeable).

Step 5: Follow the prompts to cut and create the vinyl on the Cricut.

Step 6: Add transfer tape and weed out the letters on the mat.

Step 7: Place the cut font text on the front of the bag.

Step 8: Press and iron the vinyl to the front of the bag. ( I used the cotton/linen setting on the iron).

The tote looks super cute! My puff didn't really puff the way I expected. It looks kind of like a chenille material. I may try a different brand of puff vinyl in the future to see if it gives a better result. Overall, it's stylish and vacation approved! Come say hi and tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram if you decide to create your own! Subscribe to the blog for everything DIY and NEW updates!

Take a look at the video below for more details on these pieces of decor! Check out the short version of these DIY's on Facebook!

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