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Modern Eclectic Coffee Table

This Modern Eclectic Coffee table is full of color! This coffee table will help brighten any decor and can be used indoors or outdoors with a sealant. I love how this furniture flip turned out to be such a unique coffee table. The design looks retro, but feels ultra modern!


  • Steel Table Base

  • 8 Packs of Mosaic Tiles

  • 2 Faux Grass Squares

  • White Tile Grout

  • Circular Glass Top

Start by rounding up the materials that will used to complete the project. I used some these materials pictured in addition to a cylinder-shaped table base that was purchased on final clearance from a top chain American off-price department store. The table base was missing the table top and was discounted deeply due to the missing component.

Step 1

Decide on a color scheme for the tiles that you will be using on the base of the table. Pop open the tile grout and start using the tile grout as the adhesive for the tiles to stick to the base.

Tip: A true deigned adhesive such as E6000 glue can be used as an alternative to adhere the tiles to the base. I found that using the grout as an adhesive worked just fine and acted as an awesome substitution.

Step 2

Continue with the same process of adhering the tiles to the base using grout and giving the grout time to dry before adding a new row of tiles. (I started applying the grout with my hands and then quickly graduated to using a paintbrush because the project started becoming MESSY real fast :)

Tip: I used a hair dryer to speed up the drying process in between applying the next row.

Step 3

Coat and fill the top and sides of the tile with grout. Use a damp sponge and rag combination to remove the excess grout off of the tiles. Give the tiles time to dry and repeat the process. Ensure that the tile grout has fully filled all of the cracks and crevices between the tiles.

Step 4

I connected two faux grass squares using the interlinking snaps created on the squares. I measured inside of the base where the faux grass would be inserted and flipped the grass over and cut the grass using wire cutters. (Regular scissors will do the trick too).

I also cut a circle out of cardboard and used the cardboard as a base to place the faux grass.


There it is! A stylish modern eclectic coffee table or end table for an affordable price. This unique and colorful table will have you smiling with joy.

Check out this video for more details on this project:



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