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Fresh and Neutral DIY Dollar Store Fall Decor | Easy, Cheap, & Cute!

I don't know where this year went....but, it's fall time and that means it's pumpkin season! (For the most part:)). I'm showing how I transition two different previously made DIY projects into some easy, cheap, and cute pumpkin fall decor. I'm up-cycling previous Valentine's Day decor and bathroom decor accessories to add some new decor for my home for the new season. Check out how I made this fresh dollar store pumpkin decor below.

Fresh Pumpkins Faux Wood Box Planter

Materials: (For details on how I made the box for the planters, check out this video here). I used all dollar store materials except for the hot glue gun & sticks.

  • 2 Seasonal Decor Planks

  • 2 Square Plaques

  • Faux Spanish Moss

  • Mini Styrofoam Pumpkins

  • Large Sticker Letters

  • Greenery Vine

  • Cardboard

  • Faux Wood Adhesive Paper

  • Bamboo Skewers

  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


  1. I used a rectangular box that I constructed from two seasonal decor planks, two square plaques, and some cardboard in a previous project. I added some scrap styrofoam and faux Spanish moss to the inside. (Check out this video to see how I made it here).

  2. I removed the previous embellishments on the box. Then I covered all four sides with faux wood adhesive paper.

  3. Then, add sticker letters spelling out "Fresh Pumpkins" on the face of the box on top of the faux wood paper.

  4. Insert one cut skewer inside the bottom of each styrofoam pumpkin that will be added to the box.

  5. Insert skewered pumpkins thru Spanish moss inside planter box.

  6. Wrap some greenery vines around the inserted pumpkins.


Modern Pumpkin Display Jars

Materials: (All these materials are from the dollar store)

  • Mini Styrofoam Pumpkins

  • Greenery Vine

  • 3 Mini Jars with Lids

  • Gold Wire Basket

  • Black Chalk Paint

  • Paint Marker

Directions: (I'm reusing glass jars that I previously DIY'ed for this project). Check out the pre- DIY'ed jars here.

  1. I used black chalk paint to repaint over the label for the glass jars.

  2. Allow the paint to dry.

  3. I wrote cute pumpkin flavors and sayings on each glass jar such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, pumpkin spice.

  4. Add some of the mini styrofoam pumpkins to each jar. (I added two to each jar)

  5. Grab the wire basket and add a greenery vine, pumpkin jars, and loose pumpkins.


That's all it is to it! Transition some old decor or create something new. I'm loving these fresh and neutral decor pieces! Let me know if you try it! Tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram.

Check out the video for more!



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