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Easy DIY Dollar Store Fall Wreath Target Dupe

I love an easy craft that turns out great! I saw this really cute fall wreath on Target online and I knew that it would be something that I could recreate for a lot less. Target has some of the best affordable home decor style. I was excited when I knew I could make the wreath using materials from the dollar store. The great thing about making it yourself is that you can customize the colors anyway you want. Interested in how I made this easy Target dupe? Keep reading....

Easy DIY Dollar Store Fall Wreath Target Dupe

Materials: (I purchased all my materials from the dollar store except for some of the paint I used to color the pumpkins)

  • Mini Styrofoam Pumpkins

  • 2 bags of Spanish Moss

  • 1 Styrofoam Wreath

  • Assortment of Acrylic Paint Tubes (Tip: Mix primary colors to create new colors you may not already have)

  • Bamboo Skewers

  • Glue Gun and Hot Glue Sticks (I already had this in my stash).


  1. Detach the mini styrofoam pumpkins from the packaging. (The mini pumpkins will have a clip underneath that is easy to remove by twisting off).

  2. Leave some of the mini pumpkins attached to the packaging for easy painting.

  3. Paint the pumpkins using a couple of coats of paint on each pumpkin. Paint an assortment of colors using acrylic paint.

  4. Add Spanish moss to the styrofoam wreath using hot glue.

  5. Completely cover the entire wreath in Spanish moss.

  6. Let the mini pumpkins completely dry.

  7. Make sure all the clips underneath the mini pumpkins are removed and replace the clips with approximately two inch cut bamboo skewers.

  8. Then, insert the pumpkins in the foam wreath using the skewers. (Everything should adhere easily because the skewers are piercing into the foam).

It's as easy as that! Now, you have a stylish fall wreath that looks just as chic as the one I found at Target! I would love to know... Are you going to craft your fall decor this year? Comment below.

Check out the video for this project for more!



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