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Dollar Tree DIY Floral Spring Home Decor 2019

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Spring is now in full effect. I’m really feeling how this spring home décor piece turned out using Dollar Tree green moss, flowers, a repurposed hanging sign, and a planter pot. This is a great DIY project to add some beautiful decor to any home.



I purchased all these materials from the Dollar Tree except for the adhesive. (I decided not to use the black pebbles pictured until a future project) and The Dollar Tree materials include:

  • Green reindeer moss- 1 pack used

  • 1 cardboard love sign

  • 1 tin planter

  • 3 bushes of flowers-carnations

  • 1 Floral foam block (and some extra miscellaneous filler)


Step 1

Detach the string from the signage using some scissors or by untying the knot located near the hook.

Step 2

Pinch off chunks of green moss and adhere to the signage using a hot glue gun. Make sure to work in small areas to ensure the glue is still tacky enough for the green moss to adhere. Occasionally pat the moss down on the glue to ensure a secure hold. Cover the entire sign with green moss so that none of the brown sign is visible.

Step 3

Continue to add more green moss to the back of the sign after the front of the sign is completely filled.

Step 4

I used some scrap foam that I used from a previous project to add as filler to put in the bottom of the planter. I used a Dollar Tree rectangle foam block above the filler foam to use as a base for the moss covered signage to place on top of evenly.

Tip: (Recycled grocery bags can be used as another affordable filler substitute)

Step 5

Place the signage vertically on top of the foam block on the planter. Add some additional moss to all around the sides of the planter to fill any open gaps.

Step 6

Lastly, add alternating colored carnations/flowers to the perimeter of the base of the planter where the end of the moss and planter meet. Place the flowers in a position in the crease of where the moss ends and the planter edge meets.

There you have it! An easy and affordable stunning home decor piece using Dollar Tree materials.

Check out the video for this project for more details!



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