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DIY Notebooks using Shopping Bags

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Use recycled store shopping bags to create designer name brand notebooks!! This project is an easy and affordable way to go back to school with designer notebooks. Dollar Tree notebooks are easily transformed into stylish notebooks that will be sure to turn heads :) Plain notebooks are converted into a MAC cosmetic notebook, Sephora notebook, and a Victoria’s Secret Pink notebook using shopping bags!



  • Paper shopping bags

  • Scissors or Exacto knife

  • Mod Podge

  • Composition books

  • Brush (To apply Mod Podge)

Step 1

Start by deconstructing the bag while trying to ensure the bag doesn’t get torn. Cut or remove the handles from the bag. (You can optionally save the handles as scraps for another project in the future)

Step 2

Begin to trace around the perimeter of the composition notebook to ensure the cover is completely covered by the print of the bag.

Step 3

Use any combination of scissors or an exacto knife to cut the traced top from the bag.

(Tip: cut a little above the traced line just in case adjustments need to be made and the results from the cut are off or don’t completely cover the top of the notebook).

Step 4

Trim any excess paper to guarantee the best fit.

Step 5

Use the existing cut top cover as a template to trace and cut for the back of the notebook. Use a different section of the bag that has a different design from top to achieve a varied look. Overlay the cut piece from the bag on the cover and back of the notebook to determine if any necessary trimming is needed.

Step 6

Use an iron and some transfer paper to iron the bag flat and potentially remove any wrinkles. Then use some type of adhesive such as mod podge to adhere the top cover and back of the notebook. (Repeat these steps for all the shopping bag designed notebooks)


Watch the full video on Youtube and the short version of this DIY on Facebook!



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