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DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Floral Decor

I love it when you can find luxe looking materials at the dollar store! I found some super cute velvet pumpkins, fall florals, and velvet geometric print paper all at the dollar store. One of the simplest ways to switch up the style for a space is to add a seasonal table centerpiece. Here's how you can create a fall festive arrangement for your home.

DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Floral Decor

What I Used: I got all of the materials from the dollar store and some of them I didn't decide to use like the leaf garland and the cactus print decor piece pictured above.

  • Velvet Geometric Print Paper

  • Foam Blocks

  • Bamboo Skewers

  • Spanish Moss

  • 3 Large Velvet Pumpkins

  • An Assortment of Fall Florals

  • Mini Pumpkins

  • Adhesive


  1. Spray paint the exterior of the planter black.(or purchase a black planter) Tip: I didn't completely spray paint the inside of the planter because I knew that that it was going to be covered.

  2. Trace around the exterior of the planter to know exactly where to cut on the velvet geometric print paper. Then use that piece like a stencil to cut the other piece for the other side.

  3. Adhere the velvet print paper to opposite sides of the planter.

  4. Start working on the inside of the planter and layer the inside of the planter with recycled grocery bags or other filler. Tip: I lined the inside of the planter with recycled grocery bags as filler to get the height I needed for the planter.

  5. Layer dollar store foam blocks on top of recycled grocery bags or filler.

  6. Add Spanish moss to cover the interior of the planter including the foam blocks and any bags that may be showing. (Do this before adding the pumpkins....It makes it a lot easier).

  7. Adhere the large velvet pumpkins on top of the Spanish moss.

  8. Stick the smaller pumpkins into skewers and insert fall florals inside the foam.(Keep inserting arrangements until you get your desired look)

And that's it! You will have a beautiful fall decor piece that you can place in any space of your home.

Are you decorating for fall? If you make your own fall centerpiece, Tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram.

Check out the video for more!



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