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DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Decor | Cute and Fun Fall Home Decor

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Here's the scoop! Lol. I am loving this DIY of dollar store foam pumpkins. It seems like every year the dollar store brings these foam pumpkins back into their inventory. I'm usually excited to find cute and different ways of DIY'ing these pumpkins. This year, I came up with turning the pumpkins into ice cream flavors. This was such an easy way to transform the pumpkins. This is definitely a fun way to add some color and style to your fall decor. I think they turned out adorably! Keep scrolling to see the transformation...

DIY Dollar Store Fall Pumpkin Decor

Materials: (I grabbed all these materials from the dollar store except for my hot glue gun, glue sticks. I already had the paint markers but, you can find them at the dollar store).

  • Foam Pumpkins

  • Mini Chalkboard Sign

  • Tin Bucket

  • Paint Makers

  • Letter Stencil

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Sticker Letters


  1. Grab some of the foam pumpkins from the dollar store and start painting with acrylic paint. (I had orange pumpkins in my stash so, I had to first paint a couple coats of white as a base. The dollar store has these pumpkins in white if you can find them). Tip: Use white paint + primer to paint the foam pumpkins if you only have access to the orange pumpkins. Regular white acrylic paint will not give full coverage.

  2. Allow time for each paint coat to dry. Add a color coat of paint after the white base coat of paint dries. Paint as many coats that are necessary to fully coat the pumpkin. (I mixed some acrylic paint together to get some of my desired colors).

  3. Paint the stem of the pumpkin black.

  4. Add sticker letters to the face of the pumpkins after the coats of paint have dried. (I used the letters to spell out cute ice cream flavors that matched the color of the pumpkins).

  5. Pull out the mini chalkboard sign and use paint markers to write "Pumpkin Ice cream Sundaes". Cross out "Ice cream" so, that you can still see the word.

  6. Adhere the mini chalkboard sign to the tin bucket using some hot glue.

  7. Then, add your foam pumpkins to the tin bucket for a super cute display.

After that, you'll have some adorable ice cream flavor inspired fall pumpkins. Come say hi and tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram if you decide to create your own!

Check out the video for more!



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