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Cracker Container Upcycle! Eat It & Make It Over!

This do it yourself project is a great example of how to recycle a container. Up-cycle a cracker tin using a course texture stone spray paint and regular spray paint. Painting a container has never been so much fun until you see the great results! Don't throw away something that can be converted into a designer and useful product.

Start by gathering the materials that will be used to create this project.

  • Empty Canister

  • E6000 Glue

  • Flat-End Handle Knob

  • Gloss or Matte Spray Paint (Any Color)

  • White Primer Spray Paint

  • Stone Course Texture Spray Paint

Step 1

Use a white primer spray paint in a ventilated area to cover the entire exterior of the can and lid.

For Best Results: (I try to keep the spray paint can moving around the object to avoid dripping marks).

Step 2

Use the stone texture spray paint to spray the lid of the tin can. Saturate the lid of the can with at least two coats of the stone texture spray paint to ensure an even coating and the true texture is displayed.

Step 3

Give the white primer a chance to dry based on the directions on the spray paint can and validate that its dry using your finger.

Tip: I found it best to find a long object that I could insert in the tin can (i.e. an old cylinder tube) to spray paint the tin can a mint green color evenly.

Step 4

Make sure that the tin can lid has dried fully. Use a strong adhesive such as E6000 glue to adhere a flat surfaced knob to the center of the lid and allow enough time to dry.

(I balanced a heavy book on top of the knob after approximately 30 minutes of dry time to ensure it attached securely and was durable).

Step 5

Add some thick cut letters spelling "cookies" to the tin can. I chose sticker letters and added E6000 glue as well to make sure there was a lasting hold.

There you have it!! Eat it and make it over!! This is the before and after of the re-use of an everyday household pantry item. All you need to do is add some cookies. This is such a fun project to add some personalized décor to any kitchen.

Want to see this project in action?!

Take a look at the video:)



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