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DIY Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 | DIY Large Cookie Tin Candles

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

These DIY large cookie tin candles are it! I used an easy and current trend of melting existing dollar store candles to create new candles. I love the vibe of the end result of these DIY candles. The style of the candles feels moody and luxurious. These could definitely qualify as some high end candles at any expensive home decor store. I grabbed most of my materials for this project from the dollar store. I found large cookie tins at the craft store. Keep reading to look into how I made these ultra modern high-fashion candles!


Step 1: Paint the exterior top and bottom of the tins using black chalk paint.

Step 2: Load existing candles from the dollar store inside a large pot filled with water. Allow the candle wax to completely melt.

Step 3: Adhere wood wicks to the bottom of the tins using hot glue.

Step 4: Allow the melted candle wax to cool a little. Pour the candle wax into the tin.

Step 5: Allow the candle wax to cool.

Step 6: Adhere letters to the top and the side of the cookie tin. I chose to spell out "Merry Christmas."

Step 7: Adhere wood cutouts to the top and bottom of the smaller tin.

I looovveee the look of these wood candle wicks. What do you think of these candles?

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