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The Best Glam DIY Dollar Store Christmas Centerpiece

I'm glamming up Christmas decor with this stunning DIY table centerpiece. It's the perfect centerpiece for a holiday focal piece. I'm combining dollar store materials to create a table length decor that really sets the vibe. This festive decor really does look a lot more expensive than it really is. Check below to see how to add glamour to your holiday table-scape!


Step 1: Grab and line up three tinsel rings and lay them flat on some foam board.

Step 2: Trace the perimeter of the tinsel rings on the foam board.

Step 3: Cut the traced template from the foam board.

Step 4: Use some silver glitter spray paint to semi cover some faux greenery from the dollar store. (I wanted to have a little of the green color to still peak thru after using the spray paint).

Step 5: Coat and cover the foam board with silver glitter spray paint.

Step 6: Adhere the tinsel rings to the colored foam board side by side.

Step 7: Add glue to the bottom ring of the glass jar. Adhere the glass jars to the center of each tinsel ring.

Step 8: Place and adhere faux poinsettias and spray-painted greenery to the centerpiece.

I'm loving this piece of holiday decor. This decor centerpiece really glitters and shines.

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Watch the video for more details on this DIY!

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