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Blast from the past! Retro-Style Closet Door Makeover!

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

This DIY Bi-fold Closet Door Makeover really transforms my old craft closet bi- fold doors into pure Luxe!! This closet door makeover is a simple change that really updates the age of the room and I LOVE IT! These old doors take a "blast from the past" and are easily updated and made modern with several coats of paint.

  • Glidden Flat Interior paint and primer

  • 1 Small and 1 large paint brush

  • Screw driver

  • 2 Storage bins

  • 2 Large jeweled-style drawer pulls

Step 1

Start with using a screw driver to detach each door from the hinges. (I used one other person to assist me with this process which made it a lot easier).

For best results: attempt to unscrew the screws at the bottom of the doors first.

Step 2

Get prepared to start painting by taking the project outside, into the garage or into a basement with enough ventilation.

Tip: I used two old storage containers to create a table for easier painting.

Step 3

Paint all of the sides of the doors. (This process took me three coats on each side of the door). The number of coats will be dependent on the paint selected and the desired results for the look of the door. ( I chose a flat paint which seemed to require additional coats).

I painted around the existing hardware of the door..., but the paint can be more easily distributed if the hardware is removed. In some cases, replacing the hardware if its "old", can really make the doors appear more refreshed!
I used a small paintbrush to assist with painting all of the cracks and crevices.

I allowed the doors to dry overnight. The drawers dried in the basement to avoid any moisture in the environment to interfere with the drying process.

Step 4

Re-hang the closet doors. (Again, I had assistance with re-installing the doors) Attach new door knobs on the doors based on style preference and Voila!! You have great new updated closet doors. This is such a great and inexpensive way to reuse what you already have.

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Want more details?!

Take a look at the video for this project:



Mar 09, 2018

Thanks for the correction:) @321sthomas


Lace S
Lace S
Mar 08, 2018

I'm sorry.. but have to agree with 321sthomas ..

WHY ruin a pair of gorgeous wooden doors like that?


Mar 08, 2018

Love the look! You did a great job!


Mar 08, 2018

Why ruin a nice set of Wooden doors that way? (and it's "Voila', in french meaning, "THERE IT IS!"

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