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Texture is the Move!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

I love using or creating texture for projects! Texture is the perfect way to add depth to any object that you are trying to transform. Adding texture is a great solution to add interest to an already simple piece. There are so many fun ways to add texture that the possibilities are relatively endless. I explored a cost efficient way of creating texture with one of my previous projects that involved creating a Chanel perfume bottle on a canvas. I was trying to think of a unique way to DIY a Chanel canvas that I haven’t seen before. I used old saved debit/ credit cards from throughout the years and spray painted them black. Years ago, I had the idea to save these cards for a crafting project that would make the perfect use. The raised embossing on the cards adds just the right amount of texture on the canvas to make the piece distinctive and create a conversation piece to add in any room. Most of my DIY projects will yield to some form of texture incorporated because “Texture is the move!”.

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