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How To Use The Dollar Store to DIY & Refresh Your Bathroom Decor

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The change to a new season is a great opportunity to switch up your home decor. The dollar store is one of my go to spots to affordably create some new decor to keep changing up my spaces. I decided to start my summer refresh in the bathroom by replacing some of my bathroom decor accessories. I thought of a great way to repurpose some of the treat bags and stove top burner cover at the dollar store! I'm diy'ing some basic accessories and adding a vibrant floral print that's perfect for Summer. Keep reading for a fun and easy way to swap out your decor!

Here's what you'll need: (I already had Mod Podge in my stash, but I purchased all the other materials from the dollar store).

  • Floral Print Treat Bags

  • Mod Podge

  • Scissors

  • Paint Brush

  • Soap Dispenser

  • Toothbrush Holder


  1. Open and unravel treat bag paper and cut the paper to cover the top of the soap pump.

  2. Add slits at the corners of the paper at the top of the soap pump for a smooth and clean look.

  3. Add Mod Podge to the base of the soap pump and add additional Mod Podge on top of the treat bag paper to adhere smoothly to pump.

4. Complete the same previous steps for the toothbrush holder. Tip: Use a utility knife to define the holes at the top.


I added a decor tray to complete the set by using....

Materials: (All from the dollar store)

  • Stove Top Burner Cover

  • Rope


  1. Cut the treat bag in strips to adhere and cover the brim/edges of the stove to cover.

  2. Use the bottom of the stove top cover to measure the amount that needs to be covered by the treat bag paper.

  3. Cut the circle out of the paper and adhere to the bottom of the stove top cover.

  4. Flip over the cover and use the hot glue gun to start swirling the rope to cover the entire inside of the stove top cover.

  5. Cut two pieces of additional rope to be used as the handle after all the rope is covering the inside of the stove top cover.

There you have it!

A super cute transition to Summer by updating some bathroom accessories to reflect a fun and bright floral print! Check out even more details on how to achieve this look with the video on this project!



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