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3 Great DIY Dollar Store Stylish Jewelry Storage Ideas That You Will Want to Have

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

I'm always at the dollar store trying to find ways to piece together items to make them look more upscale. I feel like this project meets my expectation and more for some really cute jewelry storage using materials for $1. I was able to get a hold of some of the trendy dog statues from the dollar store to make a fun modern style jewelry box, catchall, and necklace holder. Keep reading to see how I created these pieces...

Materials (for all the jewelry storage options) I purchased all these materials from the dollar store except for the glue and marbles I already had from previous projects.

  • 2 Gold Dog Ceramic Statues

  • Marbles

  • 2 Small Acrylic Tray Boxes

  • 2 4x6 Frames

  • 1 8x10 Frame

  • Frame Stand

  • Adhesive Wall Hooks

  • 1 Circle Glass Plate

  • Patterned Craft Paper (Not Pictured)

Gold Dog Acrylic Jewelry Box


  1. Remove the packaging from the inside of both 4x6 frames so that the only thing left is the glass insert and the frame.

  2. Glue the inside of one of the 4x6 frames.

  3. Adhere the acrylic boxes side by side inside the frame.

4. Adhere one of the ceramic gold statues to the top center of the other 4x6 frame.

5. The dog statue attached to the frame will be the top and should fit with the base

inside the frame.


Gold Dog Trinket Tray


  1. Remove any labels from the small circular glass plate.

  2. Adhere the other ceramic gold statue to the center of the small glass plate.


Necklace Jewelry Holder


  1. Detach the 8x10 frame.

  2. Cut and cover the striped metallic craft paper and paste it to the 8x10 frame insert. (Save the glass insert for another project)

  3. Insert the covered paper inside the 8x10 frame and horizontally line up the self adhesive hooks to the paper.

And that's it!

How cute is this jewelry storage set? I'm happy that these upgraded dollar store materials turned into some stylish jewelry storage that can fit with a variety of decor styles. Leave a comment and let me know if you find these materials at the dollar store to try it for yourself!

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