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DIY Dollar Store Faux Rattan Home Decor

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

I'm using some inexpensive materials to create some timeless styled decor! I'm going to be sharing how I created two different decor pieces using rug grippers! I'm making a faux Rattan storage basket and tray. I really tried to capture the look of this decor using all dollar store materials. They look similar to some more expensive options that can be found in some trendy home decor stores. I think they turned out great! I'm loving this unconventional materials DIY. Take a look at how I made them below!


Faux Rattan Tray

Step 1: Gather some frames and nonslip rug underlays. (I used three rectangle shaped frames and five square shaped frames).

Step 2: Layout the rug underlay and cut the underlay to fit inside the rectangle frame.

Step 3: Paint the front and back of the rug underlay using some acrylic paint. This step helps to match the look of a genuine rattan color.

Step 4: Use a rectangle frame with the glass insert included as a base for this decor piece. Then, adhere the dry painted rug underlay to the perimeter of the frame.

Step 5: Adhere and stack two other additional rectangle frames on top of the base frame. Use the frame only. Use the frame without the glass or cardboard insert. Tip: Save those unused materials for another project.

Faux Rattan Tray


Faux Rattan Storage Basket

Step 1: Grab a square shaped frame without the glass inserted. Adhere a dry and painted rug underlay to the perimeter of the base of the frame.

Step 2: Complete the above step for all five square shaped frames.

Step 3: Assemble and adhere the decorated frames into a box.

Step 4: Use some objects around you to assist with holding the frames together as the glue sets.

Faux Rattan Storage Basket


That's how it's done! Super cute, easy and affordable! Are you a fan of Rattan decor? Try it out! Come say hi and tag me @Craftingwithcass on Instagram if you decide to create your own! Subscribe to the blog for everything DIY and NEW updates!

Be sure to watch the video to see more tips in action!

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