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Using Floor and Decor to Update and Upgrade My Kitchen Floors

I have been itching to upgrade my kitchen floors for awhile. I was finally able to recently tackle this job. My previous floors were noticeably uneven on different parts of the floor. I researched a few companies for estimates for this project. My goal was to make my kitchen floors look as modern as possible on a small budget. I visited a Floor and Decor store and was pleasantly surprised by all of their flooring options. I chose a white gloss 12x24 rectangle style ceramic tile that was on clearance.

I found out at the store that Floor and Decor partnered with another company to offer floor installation services. I mentioned in my other post about my deck rebuild that I like to select companies for larger home improvement projects. I typically like to chose well known companies that I know I can have a recourse for money. Peace of mind is always on the top of my list for any type of home improvement renovation.

A representative from the company comes to your home and measures the space for the new flooring. They provide an estimate on the materials that you will need for the project as well the cost to install. What I felt to be different about this process is that I was told that I would have to go to the store and purchase all of the needed materials first. The scheduled date for the install would be confirmed after the material purchase. You have the option of picking up or delivering the materials.

The installation process only took about 3 days to complete. The company completely demolished the existing floors. There actually ended being an entire layer of another flooring under the floor. There was linoleum glued to the bottom of the floor underneath the tile. This surprise took the longest part of the process.

Check out some of the before pictures of what my kitchen floors looked like below!




I'm in love with the flooring end result. I didn't really take into account that since they are soo white that they might be more high maintenance to keep cleaned. I also chose a white grout for an ultra modern look. I do appreciate how the company pays attention to details and adds the trim around the base boards. I didn't even know that was a thing. I didn't have base cabinet trim with my previous floors and there was just an ugly gap.

Overall, I'm happy with my decision to upgrade and update my kitchen floors. My goal is to tackle and update as many spaces as I can within time. Take a look at some of the after pictures below. I meant to take pictures right after the floors were done. They were flawless lol. I did apply a floor sealer to the grout and tiles after the install to help with future wear and tear. Below is the current state of the floors about four months after.


Stay tuned as I document more of my home improvement renovations in the future. Check out recent DIY projects here on the blog!

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