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15 Target Fall Fashion Must Haves 2022

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

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Target is bringing the aesthetics this fall. I have rounded up some of the new boots and clothing for women for fall 2022. I'm most excited to mix and match some of the gloves and hat fall accessories. These boots are perfect whether you're in the mood to where a high or low heel. These styles are perfect for any wardrobe. Check out all the styles below!

Pair the adorable boots above with some super cute clothing and accessory finds. I'm a fan of timeless and edgy styles. I like to combine both theses styles together to create one show stopping look. I'm quick to make a casual look dressy and dressed up look on point.

What do you think about these styles?

I love that Target has fashionable pieces and has regular sales. I'm excited about the fall season and all of the new pieces. Stay tuned for more finds!



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