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How to Make a Beaded Clutch from a Box

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

This do-it-yourself party clutch made from a box is the perfect example of an easy way to make an affordable clutch that gives the appearance of a designer bag. All you need is an empty box to get started! You could probably see a similar clutch purse like this at any top department store. Save your coins on a designer clutch and customize your own. Keep scrolling to see how it's made.

DIY Beaded Clutch Made from a Box


  • Small Empty Cardboard Box

  • Black Vinyl Material (or any other ideal fabric material)

  • Gold Letter Charms

  • Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, and E6000 Glue

  • Metal Corners

  • Acrylic Drawer Pull

  • Clasp Set (Similar Item)

  • Pearl/ Gems Half Beads

  • Black, White and Pink Spray paint (Colors are optional)

  • Utility Knife


  1. Spray paint the exterior of the empty box using a base coat of any desired color and let the box completely dry. (In this case, I spray painted my box pink).

  2. Use a utility knife to trim the excess cardboard from the part of the box that will be used as the flap to close the clutch.

  3. Use a pen or a pencil to mark where the closure clasp will be located and adhere it to the box.

  4. Poke a hole in the opposite side of the box where the clasp will be located and add glue to adhere the acrylic drawer pull.

  5. Use the washer of the drawer pull to tighten and secure the drawer pull in place. The drawer pull will be used as the handle.

  6. Spray paint the black metal corners and adhere them to the back of the box for reinforcement and better durability. Adhere vinyl along the edges of the box to cover the box gaps.

  7. Start adhering letter charms to the front of the box.

  8. Then, add a mixture of pearl and rhinestone half cut beads to the entire front of the box. (It's ok that the base color of the box peaks thru the placement of the beads)

  9. Add the same mixture of beads to the sides and the back of the box until the box is entirely covered in beads.

  10. Lastly, adhere a piece a vinyl material to the inside of box to cover the drawer pull stem and to serve as an interior lining.

There you have it! I love how this box transformed into something I can actually use. This clutch looks so stylish and I love all the texture. You can pair this with an outfit to be dressed up or down. I'm loving this reason to save an old box!

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