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DIY Dollar Store Green Moss Table Runner

This green moss table runner is Eveeerrrythaang!:) This project turned out to be a great use of some of the faux green moss packets and cupcake liners from the dollar store. I was able to achieve a modern and whimsical table centerpiece by using a few materials that can all be found for $1.

DIY Dollar Store Green Moss Table Runner

Materials: (I purchased all these materials from the dollar store except for my glue gun and green spray paint that I already had in my stash)

  • Faux Green Moss

  • Cupcake Liners (Large & Mini)

  • Faux Butterflies

  • 5 Circular Placemats

  • Faux Green Leaves (upcycled from floral stems)


  1. Flash spray-paint placemats green if you purchased a different color placemat.

  2. Overlap and adhere placemats on the edges so that the chain of placemats lay flat to create one long runner. Tip: Use recycled newspapers or mailing circulars as a base to work on to assist with an easy clean up!

  3. Use a hot glue gun to adhere faux green moss to cover all of the linked placemats.

  4. Cut and stack large and mini cupcake liners to layer and create floral clusters of cupcake liner flower.

5. Adhere various cupcake liner flower to the center of the linked moss runner.

6. Add butterflies to the desired areas within the cupcake liner flower cluster.

There you have it!

Easy, whimsical, and chic! I love how this turned out! If you make this dollar store table runner, make sure to tag me @craftingwithcass on Instagram!

Check out the video!



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