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Dishing on Valentine's Day!!

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Valentine's DIY kitchen dish towels means it's that time again! Valentine's Day decor is in the stores and its now the perfect time to craft your own. This is a fun and easy Do It Yourself project for Valentine's Day 2018! These two functional and decorative dish towels will have you cleaning in the kitchen with these cute kitchen decor towels!!

  • Crafting pom poms

  • E6000 glue

  • 2 packs of iron on letters ( 2 different colors)

  • Iron

  • 2 plain dish/hand towels

Step 1

Make sure to iron the towels before starting the project to ensure a flat surface for the embellishments to adhere. Grab some multi-color crafting pom poms and position the pom poms on top of the ironed dish towel. Arrange the pom poms on the towel until you achieve your desired look.

Step 2

Start gluing down the pom poms after you have them in your desired position on the towel.

Tip: Use books or magazines as an anchor to assist with securing the pom poms on the towel for durability.

Step 3

Use and arrange one set of colored iron-on letters while evenly spacing letters randomly on the towel. Use one set of colors to spell "L-O-V-E" and allow the other set of colors to create a word scramble as pictured. Finally, Iron on the letters by referencing the iron-on letter instructions from the product packaging.

Finished Results!

Lay both the towels flat and admire your work!:) You should now have a completed pair of decorative and functional dish towels to be on display for Valentine's Day!! You're kitchen should perfume of love in the air with these modern sassy towels! I love how these turned out and I hope you do too!

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Do you want more of a visual?!

Take a look at the video for this project;)



Jan 31, 2018

This is actually really cute. I love the lettering one. I think I'll try that with black and red or gold letters. Great post!



Carolyn McHenry Griffin
Carolyn McHenry Griffin
Jan 31, 2018

I love this idea, especially the one with the letters. Thanks for sharing, I might need to try these out.

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